For the first time since Reconstruction, Republicans hold control of all branches of government in North Carolina. Except for the presidential race which resulted in a narrow margin for Mitt Romney, the majorities for legislative candidates were decisive. Governor Pat McCrory will have a General Assembly with super majorities in both Chambers, meaning the House and Senate can override any veto without help from Democrats.

As predicted, the turnover in the General Assembly is historic—more than one-third of the House and one-fifth of the Senate. Veteran Democrats who went down to defeat include Rep. Marian McLawhorn of Pitt County, and Rep. Ray Rapp of Madison, both who once served as chairs of the Education Appropriations Committee. Both are former educators from the moderate wing of the party. Longtime House member Martha Alexander of Mecklenburg also was a casualty.

Dozens of the newcomers in the 2013-14 Legislature will be Republicans, capturing seats for easy majorities as a result of redistricting. Some high-profile Republicans chose not to run for re-election, among them former Speaker Harold Brubaker and Senate Appropriations Chair Richard Stevens.

A pro-business Legislature will be convening in January but with fewer Democrats coming from business backgrounds. The agenda laid out by House Speaker Thom Tillis calls for three areas of reforms: in taxes, in education and in regulations. Senate Pro-Tem President Phil Berger also is expected to push for reforms, especially in the area of education.


Robin Hayes, chair of the State Republican party and former hosiery company owner, called the Council offices early Wednesday morning with a request: can we round-up socks for the National Guard troops to wear while helping with security and infra-structure needs in the Northeast area devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Hayes said the guard troops are wading in water and need to change socks frequently.

Any hosiery company that can contribute socks to this very important cause will receive documents for tax credit purposes. Please call or email Paul Fogleman if you can help: or call 828-322-7766.


The official open house for the new Manufacturing Solutions Center in Conover will include a busy agenda. Members of the Hosiery and Textiles Governmental Affairs Council are invited to a luncheon at 12:30 p.m which precedes the ceremonies including state and national officials. Guests at the luncheon will include legislators and the advisory board for the Textile Technology Center which is holding a meeting prior to the luncheon. Also the center’s foundation board members are attending.

The center is an impressive operation and that may be an understatement. With its high-tech laboratories and marketing facilities it puts North Carolina traditional manufacturing on a 21st century path to the future.


We are preparing for a long, demanding session in the State Legislature and with new government officials. Gov. Pat McCrory will be appointing up to 1,000 people in key departments, signaling new priorities. Our priority will be protecting the funds for the Manufacturing Solutions Center and its hosiery services and also the Textile Technology Center.

Protect your services for research and development and testing operations. It’s a good investment.

Download and print membership form to renew your membership or join the council by mail. Checks should be sent to: HTGAC, 415 First Avenue, NW, Hickory NC, 28601

You may also join/renew online with a credit card by using our renewal form.

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